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Sugar beet pulp

Sugar beet is a by-product of the production of sugar from sugar beet. The extraction of sugar starts with the cleaning of the beet delivered to the factory, after which the beet is sliced up into small strips (pulp) and then mashed by heating with water to a temperature of approx. 70°C to dissolve the sugar from the pulp. The sugar water and the pulp are separated in an extraction tower. 

Thanks to their valuable properties, these products are highly sought after feed concentrate components sectors – in their fresh as well as in their refined forms – by the animal feed and animal husbandry.


Certified quality

Our animal feed products comply with the high animal feed quality standards. They have GMP+ certification and satisfy quality assurance specifications.

Range of pellets

Nordzucker produces a wide range of dried pulp products. In addition to pellets with different diameters, we also differentiate between molasses-free and molasses-added dry pulp pellets. These properties make our pellets very useful in a wide range of applications as a separate feed supplement or as mixed-feed components.




Total sugar content*

Dry pulp pellets


8 mm


Dry pulp pellets
with added molasses

Klein Wanzleben

6 mm

12 %


10 mm

13 %


8 mm

15 %

Nordstemmen, Schladen

10 mm

21 %

   *) Analysis after Luff-Schoorl, (ICUMSA GS8-5)

Storage and shelf life

Storage should take place in conditions with a relative air humidity of <65%. Only store this product in locations with adequate insulation and appropriate ventilation systems/equipment to ensure that the product remains safe. Dried sugar beet pulp with molasses can be stored for several months under optimal storage conditions.


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Senior Manager
Beet Fibre, Molasses

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