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Certified high quality standards, close logistical proximity to our clients, high levels of flexibility and reliability are just some of Nordzucker's strengths. Our industrial and retail clients benefit from our broad spectrum of customised solutions, as well as our wide range of speciality products. The results of the close cooperation with our clients - aimed  at successfully satisfying their specific needs - are continuously incorporated into the innovative further development of our products. This ensures that our sugar products always precisely and uncompromisingly match your specifications.

This section provides an overview of our comprehensive spectrum of products, which includes a wide range of different crystal sugars, liquid sugars, specialities, fondants, as well as animal feed and molasses. Our procurement guidelines, and other useful information for suppliers, are also found in this category.


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Dr. Rahel Buczys

Dr. Rahel Buczys

Head of Technical
Product Management
Nordzucker Group


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On the procurement side, we place a very high priority on ambitious, successful and target-oriented co-operation, as well as the expertise and reliability of our suppliers.

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