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15 March 2019

Thick juice campaign at the Nordstemmen plant starts

The Nordstemmen plant will begin its thick juice campaign this year on 19 March. By mid-May, processing of the thick juice that has been stored for this is expected.

As in previous years, the site is counting on a secondary production of sugar from thick juice with the downstream campaign in order to meet customer demand for special products and grain sizes all year round. The basis for this is thick juice, which keeps well. It is stored in separate tanks on the sugar plant grounds.

The thick juice campaign will be kicked off on 18 March with functionality and safety checks being carried out on boilers and turbines. This could result in late-morning noise from the steam blowing activities of the boiler steam system. The plant would like to apologise to residents of the area for any noise that may occur. It will be kept as brief as possible.


The thick juice campaign is expected to end by mid-May, with the boilers and turbines being decommissioned shortly afterwards.

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Thick juice campaign at the Nordstemmen plant starts


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