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Annual report 2016/2017: Ready for a new era

In the 2016/2017 financial year, a positive price trend sparked an upswing in the market that we were able to exploit. Moves to step up our sales efforts on the one hand and extensive savings on the other helped us to continually increase our earnings over the twelve-month period.

This enabled us to report net income of EUR 99.1 million as against EUR 14.9 million in the previous year, a solid operating result of EUR 131.4 million compared with EUR 16.2 million for the comparative period, and sales growth of 6 per cent, bringing total sales to EUR 1,708.2 million compared with EUR 1,607.4 million in the previous year. Together with the Supervisory Board, we are proposing that the dividend be lifted back up to EUR 1.10 per share, compared with EUR 0.10 in the previous year.

Although the result is still down considerably on the outstanding level seen in the years prior to 2014, it is nonetheless pleasing because we were able to earn the cost of capital again and give our shareholders an appropriate share in our earnings. Shares in Nordzucker are worth the investment again.

We have prepared for the new era starting on 1 October 2017 and the end of the quota system. The preparation process was extremely labour-intensive and called for a change of mindset, as well as for ideas and courage, in a large number of areas.


Nordzucker Annual report 2016/17 online

Nordzucker Annual report